Welcome to Namsos And Sykehuset Namsos

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Welcome to Namsos and Sykehuset Namsos

- Versatility And Efficiency -

- We are proud of our hospital, and the position it holds in our local community shows that we have succeeded in our aim to be a service institution to the people of North Trøndelag. We provide good professional services and do our best to ensure that both patients and staff feel comfortable. Size does not necessarily determine strength - closeness and easy communications are often the product of lack of size. My door is always open. Get in touch if you would like to know more - feel free to drop in or give me a call on
+47 74 21 56 11.

All the best!

Reidar Tessem

N-7800 Namsos, Norway - Phone +47 74 21 54 00

- closeness, quality, service -

Home -> Information in English